TrembleX-5 #2021

 Using tools and equipment on job sites that require the full dexterity of your fingers calls for a fingerless glove with grip control and vibration absorption.


The TrembleX®-5 is a fingerless glove that has silicone covered Hexagonal Memory Gel® on areas of the palm that come into contact with tools and equipment to maximize grip and reduce vibration. The fingerless design allows the user access to finger tips, which aids in picking up small items like screws and nails. Knuckle padding adds light impact, abrasion and laceration protection on the back of the glove. Form-fitting material and the adjustable wrist strap ensure the glove fits snugly, while still being breathable.

Technical Specifications (PDF): TrembleX-5 #2021

Sizing Chart (PDF): Glove Sizing