TrembleX #2011

Working with impact and power tools takes a toll on your hands, as vibrations from tools can cause hand fatigue and, over time, injury. The TrembleX™ features vibration absorption technology by Cestus that fully absorbs vibrations before they hit the hand to prevent fatigue or injury.

On top of the TrembleX™’s one-piece synthetic leather palm are Hexagonal Memory Gel® pods, by Cestus, in high-impact areas that absorb vibration fully through their hexagonal shape and gelatinous material. The Hexagonal Memory Gel® also extends around the forefinger and thumb, adding vibration absorption for all areas that come in contact with tools when being held. The palm is also covered by silicone for added gripping power. Form-fitting material on the back of the glove and an adjustable short cuff ensure a snug fit, while knuckle padding adds abrasion and minor impact resistance.

Technical Specifications (PDF): TrembleX #2011

Sizing Chart (PDF): Glove Sizing