Tow Grip 101 #3126C

While oil and gas production sites are dangerous, not everyone is directly involved with the drilling process. The Tow Grip 101 features an industrial-strength cotton palm and back-of-hand impact resistance for the non-drilling positions on the rig.

The industrial-strength, one-piece, padded cotton palm gives the user high dexterity for uses like operating machinery, and is reinforced with Kevlar® thread double stitching. Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) shields add impact resistance for full back of fingers down to the fingertips, thumb, knuckles and metacarpals on top of form-fitting, hi-vis spandex. The neoprene long cuff covers the wrist, while allowing the user to pull out of the glove if caught in a pinch or machinery.

Technical Specifications (PDF): Tow Grip 101 #3126C