Deep Impact Cut360 #3219

With a design developed from industrial professionals, the Deep Impact Cut360 has the comfort and dexterity perfectly balanced with heavy industrial protection needs. Ultra-flexible goatskin leather gloves have evolved with hidden cut and puncture protection layers that can stop injuries pro-actively. Flexible impact protection keeps high incidence areas of injury protected without slowing you down. Classic ranch cuff keeps hands from getting too hot on long workdays.

  • Classic ranch cuff to promote breathability
  • Flexible impact protection with continuous protection from fingertips to wrist
  • Supple goatskin leather outer gives maximum dexterity
  • Invisible cut and puncture resistant base layer with 360 degree coverage

Uses include: Ranching, Forestry, Mechanics, Weapons Handling, Vehicle Inspection, Warehouse workers, Aircraft Maintenance, Tactical & Special Operations, Bricklayers, Roofers, Multipurpose, DIY, Construction, Wood Workers & Carpenters. 

Technical Specifications (PDF): Deep Impact Cut360 #3219