Deep III Cut5 #3204CUT5

Innovation and durability are the cornerstones of Cestus® gloves, and have led us to create some of the most protective work gloves available. We redefined protective hand wear in the oil and gas industry with the Deep Grip® then went a step further and added cut-level five protection to round out the Deep III® Cut5.

The Deep III® Cut5 features the Cestus® oil-resistant Skid-X Grip™, which is a textured, one-piece grip that is double stitched onto durable synthetic leather with Kevlar® thread to maximize grip control on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Cut level-five resistant material gives the Deep III® Cut5 maximum cut protection that minimizes the risk of lacerations and cut injuries. Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact shields on the back of the glove add impact protection that bends with the fingers, and offers continuous protection from finger tips to wrist.

Technical Specifications (PDF): Deep III Cut5 #3204